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2011 Prius
Apollo the Prius
Linux Questions
 I use gnupg.  You should too.
Privacy in Communications
I am Charlie -- Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo, 7 January 2015
drapeau franćais
Treize novembre, 2015
Le Chambon-sur-Lignon
Le Chambon-sur-Lignon
Une quinzaine de marelles ont été dessinées dans le Vieux-Lille. / © DR
Lille, le 28 juillet 2018
Democratic Socialists of America
Democratic Socialists of America
4 Seasons Total Landscaping -- Lawn and Order
4 Seasons Total Landscaping -- Lawn and Order.
The Squad 2020-Socialists in Congress
AOC -- The Squad of Socialists in Congress 2020
Le Marécage
Le Marécage
Chessa High School
Senior Photo
The Emperor Nero
My Secret Love
Mary Susan
In Memorium:Aussie
2001? - October 15, 2012
His Lordship, Sir Stuart Little
Griselda Matilda Johanna (Izzy)
Paula at NinePipe
I go Pogo!
This is the official web page for The Swamp hosted on It was created and is currently maintained with hammer and chisel into solid rock. All of my web pages are created that way. It isn't that I approve of that method, it is simply the only method I know. I use Linux and vim and postgresql and php. If I have to, or am having a particularly nice day, I use perl. I have been known to use c, and c++, but not generally for web pages.

I could not do any of this without the constant, though usually unwitting, support of the wonderful people who are much more knowledgable than I am and who post questions and answers to difficult technical issues on the Internet.

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