Found the place where the Round Up will be held Wednesday. Have passed it several times with out knowing. We keep going around in ever widening circles all with radii of streets between the circles. None of the radii streets go through to the next circle. The radii are every 3 or 4 store-fronts and more shops and cafes are on them on both sides. It is hard to believe how jammed places are together six stories high. (See pictures.)

We found book shops and yarn shops. Went to the equivalent of Dillards. Clothing is very expensive. Sigyn warned me that the same clothing could be had for less in the states. They only have sales a couple of times a year here, not like the constant ones we have.

We did our wash Thursday morning.(See pictures) Then I took a nap while Jim mailed more books home. I had an email from a friend of mine asking about some of this, so I copied my reply to her here

This is the 49th national Round Up. They call it a congres. I do not speak French, but Jim does. He is doing very well. I doubt I'll be able to say the Serenity Prayer when I get back. (She thought maybe I'd know it.) I can hardly say "I do not speak French." But I do understand a little. Ordered my first meal this afternoon. Won't be able to understand the speakers. They have two English breakouts, one for one program and one for the other.

The people of Vichy do not speak English, or if they do, they are not as forthcoming as the people of Paris. We stayed in Paris and Versailles in 2001/02. People switched to English rather than hear our French. Here, only a few have attempted English. Jim says the French learn a lot of grammar, but little conversation. They can read, but are not comfortable speaking.

We are certainly ready to go to the Congres. Have no one else to speak with really. Hope we can remedy that with our new friends.

Let us know how you are doing. We love to hear from you.