Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081608.JPG12081608 Typewritten cover letter for Internal Revenue Service Form 732.
12081609.JPG12081609 Typewritten cover letter for Internal Revenue Service Form 732.
12081610.JPG12081610 Federal Special Tax Stamp.
12081630.JPG12081630 Reverse of Federal Special Tax Stamp above. Can't make out all of the pencil handwriting, but got the two cars: 1919 Hudson and 1923 Essix. Both made by same company.
12081612.JPG12081612 Federal Special Tax Stamp for second automobile.
12081615.JPG12081615 Includes a description of the car: Essix Touring. I ought to put up a picture of one, but it wouldn't be the one CC had. There are no photos of any of his automobiles.
12081617.JPG12081617 And the registration for the 1919 Hudson touring model.
12081619.JPG12081619 In case you want to write them a letter, here's the address. And the postmark.
12081650.JPG12081650 Christian's chauffeurs license for 1925, with photo removed to be placed on 1926 license.
12081651.JPG12081651 The reverse side of the 1925 license.
12081676.JPG12081676 There are a few things to note here in 1925. Things are more modern. The IRS knows exactly how to spell Mr. Hofmann's name, and they now put the whole street address on the envelope rather than just the city. They haven't exactly firmed up where they want to put the street address, however. They don't stick on a stamp anymore. And the language is getting a little bit uglier, with penalties and demands for return.
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