Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081626.JPG12081626 City Tax paid to the City of Fulton for Auto Taxi Service. Signed by the Mayor.
12081627.JPG12081627 Cover of City Tax Certificate above. Note that Hofmann spelled two ways on the same document. One hundred years later, still a problem with that name.
12081628.JPG12081628 City Tax paid on second automobile in the taxi service
12081629.JPG12081629 Same problem with the name.
12081631.JPG12081631 CC paid $7.00 to the State of Missouri for his 1923 Driver's License.
12081632.JPG12081632 Taxes paid to the State of Missouri.
12081652.JPG12081652 And his road tax. Notice that he now has a "Chauffeur" license. I don't believe I've seen that word used previously. I confirm the same date on all three certificates by the state of the stamp pad being the same, faded.
12081653.JPG12081653 Sure enough, CC is now a "Registered Chauffeur". And he has to put a picture of himself on the license. I wonder if he actually did it. It doesn't look like it. If he did, it came back off very neatly later on.
12081654.JPG12081654 The back of CC's chauffeur license.
12081655.JPG12081655 The leather license holder.
12081656.JPG12081656 CC's license for 1923 in the holder.
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