Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081642.JPG12081642 A few observations, subject to other explanation.

This letter was typed, not printed. It is not a reproduction. However, it is to my satisfaction a "form letter", in that the contents do not change. Were there so few of these in this district that this was the most efficient way to produce this letter?

As to why CC would have the letter in his possession, remember he had two autos. Therefore, following standard government practice, he received two requests to apply for the federal registration and pay the federal tax. However, he did not see the logic in returning BOTH forms and kept the second.

12081648.JPG12081648 CC's State Driver's License for 1922. Notice that he removed the photo from the upper right corner to use on a later license. One of the licenses actually has a penciled note telling him where to put a photo of himself on the license. Things were different in those days.
12081649.JPG12081649 CC's eyes are now brown? I noticed the word "color", meaning, I suppose, race. I suspect CC filled in the back of his license himself. Things were different in those days. There is a license holder for some of these licenses.
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