Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081643.JPG12081643 Very interesting envelope. First it has CC's name spelled right. Second it is from rather far away. I have no idea what was in the envelope. One can speculate that CC was buying tires once again.
12081673.1.JPG12081673.1 CC bought a set of two retreads for his tires, paying rather more than he had been paying and ordering from rather farther away.
12081674.1.JPG12081674.1 The back side of the invoice above.
12081669.JPG12081669 This is a 4-page brochure showing how to install retreads on a tire. It isn't dated that I can see and I put it here because it is from Union Tire as is the stuff above. Just in case anyone wants to retread a tire as they did in 1919. Although you might not think so, it makes fascinating reading.
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