Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081624.JPG12081624 CC is now paying taxes on two public service automobiles in the city of Fulton, one at $3.00 and one at $5.00 which totals $8.00 for me, rather than the $8.50 total on the bill. Apparently, CC's taxi service has expanded. I never find any indication of a second driver, however.
12081625.JPG12081625 Outside of the city registration.
01241702.1.JPG01241702.1 CC received stuff by train from Chicago. This particular shipment suggests that CC was now purchasing his auto tires in bulk. He also bought a box of wheat flakes and a box of "notions". The whole thing weighed 85 pounds. One assumes that most of that weight was in tires rather than wheat flakes and notions. I wonder what a notion is. The shipping statement was corrected from $38 to $54 for the same weight and CC owed $16 on arrival.
12081685.JPG12081685 Reverse of the shipping document above.
12081688.JPG12081688 In July Chris is still buying tires from BH Jameson. Photo of Mr. Jameson's signiture on this one.
12081689.JPG12081689 Reverse of the above statement, filed for pickup.
12081691.JPG12081691 Chris charged a tire for $10 from someone. Note the "Hoffmann" variation on the name.
12081692.JPG12081692 Not much left of this one. Note the cavalier way Chris used a check form from one bank to write a check on another bank. Ah, those were the days. Notice also that Chris signs his own name with one "f". My dad had the same handwriting, by the way. CC bought a hundred gallons of gasoline at a time for $18.50 which is 18-1/2 cents per gallon.
12081693.JPG12081693 Reverse of the check above.
12081694.JPG12081694 Noticed a few things looking at this. The check was made out in blank, the payee filled in his own name. The check would go to anyone, it includes the word "Bearer". That encourages mail robbery, since checks mailed would be easily usable by whoever has the check in hand.
12081695.JPG12081695 Can't get much from this one.
12081696.JPG12081696 Check to B. H. Jameson or Bearer on The Callaway Bank.
12081697.JPG12081697 I guess CC used the back of his canceled and returned check, see above, as scratch paper to record yet another tire order from Jameson. Note the use of the word "tire" rather than "case" and "tube". Note the word "Ford". CC never had a Ford, did he? Did Ford make tires under that name?
12181604.JPG12181604 Careful reading of this one suggests that CC had gasoline delivered somewhere in quantity from a truck with a driver who had to keep records. This one shows that the Driver delivered 130 gallons of gasoline at 18-1/2 cents per gallon.
01281700.1.JPG01281700.1 CC apparently returned a tire to Montgomery Ward in Chicago. He paid the IRS one penny "Document Tax", it looks like.
01281701.1.JPG01281701.1 Reverse side of document above.
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