Fulton's First Taxi Service


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12081645.JPG12081645 CC having paid his tax, is permitted to operate his 30 horsepower taxi for one year in the city of Fulton.
12081646.JPG12081646 A public service auto is a taxi, I suppose.
12081698.JPG12081698 A Bill from an auto repair company. Accounts were handled monthly, at least for customers like CC. The repairs were made at various dates in August, the bill was made out on September 1 and CC paid it on September 12. This was a standard procedure and is repeated several times. He usually paid by check on the Callaway Bank.
12081699.JPG12081699 Writing the name of the person owing the money as well as the amount leads me to believe that possibly these things were not mailed, but rather picked up in person by the account holder. I suppose bills not picked up would be mailed eventually. I see CC dropping by the place to ask for his statement and then paying it. Since I have the statement, I assume further that CC takes it with him when he pays with the statement marked paid.
12181600.JPG12181600 Boulware H. Jameson. A bill for the month of November, 1915. From this and other bills from B. H. Jameson, I gather that one did not buy gasoline from a service station. One had one's vehicle serviced at a service station. In any case there is no indication that CC ever bought gasoline from Mr. Jameson.
12181601.JPG12181601 The reverse of the bill above. Filed vertically for pick up by the account holder and probably paid on the spot. I'm getting used to the alternative spelling of Hofmann, but sometime I am going to address that.
12181602.1.JPG12181602.1 Notice that B. H. Jameson made road calls. This one to replace an axel. And grind valves?? Automobile operation was really exciting in 1915. And unreliable. Notice also two tire exchanges in one month for two automobiles. Springs were also often replaced, it seems. Repairs came every several days, according to this bill.
12181603.1.JPG12181603.1 More interesting things about cars long ago. This continuation of the bill above includes gas at $0.14 per gallon, and on the 5th a "lamp" is purchased for $0.45. Was this electrical? Did CC's cars have electric lights in 1915? The "Com Brush Assem" on the 11th suggests yes. Commutator brush assembly would be my guess for the entire phrase. Maybe ole Bessie had a crank start and an alternator or generator to provide lights once the moter was running. Ford Motor Company bought the broken axels, it seems, although CC never owned a Ford of record. Maybe axels were generic? Finally, note that this bill is for a three month period.
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