Fulton's First Taxi Service

Year: 1911

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12081600.JPG12081600 Envelope from the Missouri Secretary of State Probably contained CC's permission to operate an automobile in 1911.
12081601.JPG12081601 Back of envelope showing postmark.
12081602.JPG12081602 "Owner's Certificate of Registration."

The "1891" matches the number penciled in on the envelope. CC owned a 30 horsepower Rio in 1915. You can even look it up in state records, if they exist. I am going to try to find a picture of a Rio of 1915. I have no picture of HIS rio, but I still would like to know what one looked like. It's a "Touring Car". Need to know what that means, too.

12081603.JPG12081603 Back of the registration above. Rules of the Road.
12081604.JPG12081604 CC's business card. The only sample of it I have. Don't know what year. Notice that CC spelled his name "Hoffman" at the time. I assume he proofed the card before he printed it, and therefore agreed with the spelling.

The three digit phone number means that there were less than a thousand subscribers in 1911, or whenever the card was printed. And "long distance" was manually done by an operator with plugs and cords, not by dialing.

I wonder what the leading apostrophe means?

12081621.JPG12081621 CC paid taxes to the State of Missouri for his auto.
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