Fulton's First Taxi Service

Year: 1909

File names in images directory: 12181605, 12181606
12181605.JPG12181605 OK, here goes with this one. I can't really make out the date. The first three printed numerals put it before 1911, of course, and the last might, just might, be a 9. I can't read much else of it either, but there is a clear reference to a 60 gallon gas tank. Which implies a motor vehicle, which suggests a taxi service. And I don't suppose that a motor vehicle carried 60 gallons at one time. Later on there are references to gasoline being delivered, as to a tank. Where was this tank? Or these tanks? At his home?
12181606.JPG12181606 Not obviously connected to the front side of the bill. Is the word "Calf"?
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