Antonia's Letter to Father


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02051708.1.JPG02051708.1 Text of Letter:

Dear Father,

The letter came Tuesday evening and I thank you so much for the money.

Am going out for treatment every two days, but do not feel much better yet. Dr. Koetter, a very good ear specialist is treating my ears and he thinks I shall be better soon. I hope so, for I am surely tired of feeling miserable.

02051709.1.JPG02051709.1 Text of Letter:

Mrs. Prackt came to see me to-day and we had a real nice time.

Martha Foennishoff, one of my friends telephoned me this morning, asking me to take dinner with her Sunday. Hope I can go for it is so good to get a change. I know you would like her -- a typical German girl and her mother is so kind to me.

Our school will close the 23rd of June and I will let yhou know the day I will come home. We are having very hot weather now. Last Friday it was ...

02051710.1.JPG02051710.1 Text of Letter:

98 in the shade. It is very hard for the girls to practice, but they are working hard for the close of school. All of them are so glad to get home.

Thanking you again for your kindness in thinking of me. Write me when you can.

Your Loving daughter,
Ursuline Acad.
St. Louis Mo
May 25, 1911

Note: This letter written with dip pen. Looks like the same stationary as before. Envelope does not contain a receipt. I don't think CCH is paying for Antonia any more. She is earning her own keep.

02051706.JPG02051706 Envelope still addressed R.F.D. Dated 25 May 1911
02051707.JPG02051707 Reverse of envelope postmarked 27 May 1911 received at Fulton, Missouri.
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