Antonia's Letter to Father


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02051731.1.JPG02051731.1 First page of letter to Dear Father. I notice that Antonia is now teaching at the Academy. She must have been pretty good to have been kept on like that.

Text of Letter:

My Dear Father,

Was looking for you last week. Thought you would come to the Veiled Prophets' Parade. They say it will be very good this year.

Have been very busy here since I am teaching every day except Sunday. Tuesday, Thursday and ...

02051732.1.JPG02051732.1 Text of Letter:

Saturday afternoons I am not very busy. Am also taking lessons and practicing several hours a day. We have about fifty five students and most of them study music. There are very few of the old girls back, for most of them have finished. Bertha Pogginpohl, the girl I went with came to see me about two weeks ago. She had just returned ...

02051733.1.JPG02051733.1 Text of Letter:

from Canada. Was real glad to see her. We will give an entertainment next Tuesday. Shall sing a little German song and play a piece. Tuesday afternoon the Alumnae will meet from two until five. All of the old graduates will be here. In the evening we will give a luncheon. Suppose Katie will come for she is one of the ...

02051734.1.JPG02051734.1 Text of Letter:

old graduates.

Suppose you have finished threshing by this time. It was several days before you could move the engine for it was so rainy. It did not begin raining until Friday night in St. Louis but it continued for a week. It was very warm too. Seemed quite different to the climate of Southern California.

02051741.1.JPG02051741.1 Text of Letter:

Mrs. Natt sends me the letters from Venice. The band programs are in there -- enjoy reading them very much. She says more people are coming to the beach every day.

A friend took me out to see Dockstader's Minstrels last week. They are great. Sang the sextette from "Lucia di Lammermoor". It was certainly grand. Think you used ...

02051742.1.JPG02051742.1 Text of Letter:

to play it in the band. Have learned it for the piano since I am here.

Well, Papa, hope you will come down real soon -- be sure to come out to see me.

How is Harvey feeling? Hope both you and he are feeling better.

Lots of love from your daughter. Write to me when you can.

Ursuline Acad.
Sunday -- Oct 2 '10

02051729.JPG02051729 Envelope addressed to R.F.D. from St Louis on October 3, 1910. CCH hasn't yet moved to town, it seems. The move to Jefferson Street comes later than this.
02051730.JPG02051730 The reverse side of the envelope showing the Fulton postmark.
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