Antonia's Letter to Father and Mrs. Hofmann


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02051701.JPG02051701 Letter to "Mrs. Hofmann". That would be the new wife of Christian. Antonia would be in the neighborhood of 9-10 years younger than Carrie, but Carrie is "Mrs. Hofmann"

Antonia how has a fountain pen. Her penmanship has improved, she is being more careful writing to her step-mother. Less casual.

02051746.JPG02051746 Who is Will? Friend of Harvey.
02051702.JPG02051702 "Susie" is very likely Carrie's sister. We called her "Aunt Susie". She was my father's aunt, my great-aunt. She was a really nice person. Had much intelligence and personality. I knew her slightly and visited her a few times when young.
02051703.JPG02051703 The Swiss Connection. I don't know where "Goldymyl" is and can't find it with Internet search. Inferrence is that it is a city in Switzerland. Also don't have any idea who "Miss. Bird" might be.

Note the much improved handwriting and careful style.

02051704.JPG02051704 From the envelope we learn: Ursuline Academy has printed stationary. The Hofmann's still live in the country and receive their mail at a Post Office box. The letter is postmarked 17 February 1908. According to the Internet, Ursuline was at the 12th street address until 1914. It became a high school if it wasn't already.
02051705.JPG02051705 The reverse side of the envelope showing the Fulton postmark.
02051716.JPG02051716 Envelope Postmarked February 10, 1908 St. Louis to Mr. C.C. Hofmann at box 423 on printed stationary from Ursuline Academy.
02051717.JPG02051717 Postmarked enveloped as received in Fulton, Missouri February 11.
02051718.1.JPG02051718.1 Receipt for $23 for board and tuition of Antonia for March, 1908 signed by Seraphine. She now knows Antonia's name.
02051719.JPG02051719 Postmarked printed envelope with date March ?? 1908 from St. Louis Missouri to CCH at Box 423.
02051720.JPG02051720 Reverse of envelope above, dated March 8 1908 received at Fulton.
02051721.JPG02051721 Letter from Toni, very likely enclosed in envelope with receipt for March 1908. She received $2 spending money from CCH and has been studying hard. Apparently taking chemistry and astronomy as well as music.

Toni has to have permission from father to go away from school to stay at someone's home. Sounds like high school rather than post-high school.

02051722.JPG02051722 Harvey is being exhorted again. If Antonia is in high school and Harvey is possibly to be a junior next year then they must be of an age. So I wonder if Toni is a bit older, and attending an academy post-high school.
02051723.JPG02051723 Harvey plays the violin. Katie is a friend.
02051724.JPG02051724 Printed envelope from Ursuline Academy postmarked April 9, 1908 to CCH at Box 423. And somebody, sometime, collects stamps. My father?
02051725.JPG02051725 Reverse of envelope above. Postmark Fulton, April 10 when the train arrived at 8:38 AM overnight from St. Louis.
02051726.JPG02051726 Letter written on Ursuline Academy stationary. Complaints. Antonia is in a play, written by one of the staff.

Comments on CCH's business. Harvey to come to see the play.

02051727.1.JPG02051727.1 Katie and Richard. They may come to the play.
02051728.JPG02051728 Can Harvey come, please? She remains...
02051736.JPG02051736 Letter to Dear Father dated May 10, 1908. "to put in the crops" A good indication that CCH is still farming along with whatever else he is doing in 1908. CCH is now or nearly a new father of my father. Dan was born in 1908. Toni received a letter from Amelia
02051737.JPG02051737 News of a wedding. Toni writes like a society reporter for the local paper.
02051738.JPG02051738 The news continues. Katie is going to William Woods. My mother went there for two years herself. A death in San Francisco.
02051739.JPG02051739 Antonia is to my understanding quite an accomplished pianist. She writes confidently and professionally of music and composers.
02051740.JPG02051740 She is apparently graduating this year. Still asking for permission to travel, it is noted.
02051743.JPG02051743 Printed envelope from Ursuline Academy postmarked May 11, 1908 to CCH at box 423.
02051744.JPG02051744 Reverse of envelope above. Postmarked Fulton, May 12, 1908.
02051745.1.JPG02051745.1 Receipt from Ursuline Academy for May, 1908 dated May 8, 1908. And notice we are back to Antoinette Hofmann.
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