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02051711.JPG02051711 Page 1 of letter of Sunday, December 3, 1907

The letter was likely included in the receipt for the month of December. There are other examples of this in the letter collection. Maybe it was to save the cost of a stamp (two cents). More likely it at the request of the Academy. They probably encouraged a letter home showing that the student had good manners and had not forgotten her benefactor.

I think she is using a dip pen, and her handwriting leaves something to be desired, especially in a young person of 1907 who is going to a fancy music academy away from home. She seems hurried.

02051712.JPG02051712 Page 2 of letter of Sunday, December 3, 1907

Attempt at text:

Ursuline Academy
St Louis, Mo
Dear Father
Am very busy studying to-day for examination therefore have not time to write much - am looking for a letter from you soon.

How is Harvey getting along with his studies? Tell hem I said to study hard and I shall bring him something nice when I come home - am looking forward to coming home Christmas.

Am getting along very well with my music. Have taken twenty swrse studies in Cramer - shall have gone through the fifty by the holidays.

Gave an entertainment last Thursday night. I played two movements of Beethoven's Sonaa opus 10. No. 2 - also read quotations from Tinnyson. It was not a public entertainment - Father English and the Nurse and Mr. Isbell were the only persons who were here.

Mrs. Coghill and her daughter were out to see me Thursday afternoon. They said they had turkey from Fulton for dinner - wasn't that fine. I practiced all morning so I had no time to be homesick on Thanksgiving day.

Please remember me to Mrs. Hamilton and let me hear from you soon, love to all.
Antonia Hofmann
Sunday after noon.

Although I can not read the words exactly, it shows she played the piano.

Johann Baptist Cramer (1771 - 1858) maybe. His books of technique studies are still being sold, and have tortured meny generations of pianists since Beethoven.

02051713.1.JPG02051713.1 Receipt written 30 November 1907. Seraphine didn't yet know Antonia's name. This must therefore be her first year at the Acadamy. Also establishes that she lived at Ursuline Academy as well as studied there. All for $23 per month. Maybe everyone called her "Toni" as did her father, and the mistake was made about her exact first name. Also, Antonia and Antoinette are the same name in different languages anyway. Maybe Seraphine was showing her European education and culture.
02051714.JPG02051714 Envelope Postmark St. Louis, 2 December 1907. Addressed to Box 423. The Hofmann's didn't live in town. He had a post office box in town.
02051715.JPG02051715 Reverse of envelope. Fulton postmark.
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